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Which outfit is better ( I made all of these outfits on polyvore )

61 votes

Asked over 2 years ago by picture of the user who created this survey carol to Icon of the crowd (category) this question was asked to Fashionistas
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Which one do you like better. I made them all on Polyvore. There is also another question with an outfit about Nutella.
Which outfit(I made them all on polyvore)?
Which outfit ( I made them all on polyvore)
What outfit do you like?? (Btw I made them all on polyvore)
Which outfit? All made by me on polyvore! Follow me 👉 @mymsi 👈
Which outfit from polyvore? I made them all. :)
Which do you Choose: All these are made by me on Polyvore @amanistyle
Which outfit is more appealing to you? (All made by me on polyvore)
Which outfit is better? I made them on Polyvore

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