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How many people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water
How Many weeks?
How many people do you subscribe to in youtube.
How many crowds are you in?
People who are cruel to animals should be
How many people do you text in one day?
Guess how many people get excepted into Stanford University every year?
For how many years have you been in your current profession?
How many people are there in your family

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Who do u think is mii fav celeb
TYSM for ALMOST 8000 reputation! 😄😊
What does S.C.U.B.A (as in scuba diving) stand for? (If you get it wrong or don't answer, leave this crowd immediately!)
Do you guys play (MovieStarplanet) if you do comment your name
Would you rather live in Britain or America ?
Who is the true owner of the Wand of Destiny? (The Elder Wand)
Do you like him?
Welche Band ist besser?
Are you down with the brown?
Have you ever got caught with a hickey? 😳
My cousin is getting married!!! I'm so excited!
Which Faction do you think you would fit in most?
Was I a cute baby my profile pic
What kind of name do you like for your pet?
How do you feel if you have a secret crush, and they look you in the eye?
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