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Your Favorite Rapper At The Moment (This Time)
Who's the greatest newest rapper currently?
Which rapper is the best ?
Which rapper do you like most?
Who's better?
Your Favorite Artist
Meilleur rappeur us ?
Who is a better rapper Kendrick Lamar,J Cole, A$AP Rocky,2 Chainz
Rap US ? Perso Kendrick Lamar !

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Girls in Boots?
What would you do for 1,000 dollars?
Cutest Boy? (Kids)
Been working out and finally got my thigh gap💁
Is this cute? Birdy loves it
12 divided by 60
It is illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7:00pm. True fact, which state?
Which is your favorite season for fashion?
E m o t i c o n s
Is Steven Stone a fine male specimen?
Do you like my eyes?
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