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Your Favorite Rapper At The Moment (This Time)
Who's the greatest newest rapper currently?
Which rapper is the best ?
Which rapper do you like most?
Who's better?
Your Favorite Artist
Meilleur rappeur us ?
Who is a better rapper Kendrick Lamar,J Cole, A$AP Rocky,2 Chainz
Rap US ? Perso Kendrick Lamar !

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Who knows niall horan
Who is Your Favorite On Seven Super Girls?
Have you seen this new tower ?
Let us see if this question have much comments don't be lazy
Favorite Walking Dead Character?
How many of you like justin bieber
My attempt to draw Elsa from Disney's Frozen. I like drawing faceless people now. (I'm fourteen by the way.)☺️❄️
Girls, how often do you shave?
Like or comment if you want Hera to leave!
Jessica Alba or Mariah Carey?
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