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Who do you see?
Do you have fashionista or HeyCrowd?
Whoever can guess my bday gets a polyvore. Those of you who already know can't guess. Sorry.
What sport do you like better
Fuck life Fuck life Fuck Everythings !!!
What do YOU think scientists will invent in the future?
Do you think my puppy is cute
Comment your favorite app(not Fashionista)
Which Faction do you think you would fit in most?
Which B.A.P members is cute? (2 members not shown)
Do we look good together?
What is your favorite little mix couple ?
Do I look British
Which one of the three categorical branches of BDSM are you more into (even if it's just a little bit, or just curious)?
Who ever guesses my middle name get a monogram,comment your favorite colors and initials
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