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Is this a good model?
Is this a good model?
how much do you hate teddy on a scale from love to fucking cock sucking bitch
This freaking person is flirting on me! Help!
Is this good for 1st tine im 12
What a bitch. She disabled this because she knows she shouldn't have said it
Who thinks this girl is a bitch?? I definitely do!!!!!
See jasmine hates me
Who thinks this girl is a bitch and a liar

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What country am I from?
Do u have Instagram? If u do PLEASE can u follow me @cottoncandy10675 If u do I will follow u back. Thanks!
Do you believe in dualism or monism?
Do u like nicki minaj high school song??
Does my dog look like a rat 🐀🐁( I think she does
Why don't birds pee
On a scale from 1-10 1 being totally the ugliest thing on earth 10 being super HOTT what am I ?
Look I drew my name!!! ( yeah I get excited over random stuff)
What do u think about electrobenten?
Are u dating
What ride should I ride first at Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)?
Do you guys play (MovieStarplanet) if you do comment your name
Isn't Cedric Diggory cute?
Do you guys know the Dolan twins??😍😍 #BromieOmie
I'm I pretty now without glasses
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