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Would you want to be my friend not best but a friend
You want to be my...?
Is my best friend pretty?
Who would you want to be your Girl Friend/ Boy Friend?
Want to be my friend?
Email id: (If you want to receive great upcoming offers from gyms / fitness classes please drop in your email id)
Hi! Comment if ur my friend 💕💕💕. Or want to be xxxx
Do you want to be a penfriend of my friend and I? (P.S. We are italian❤😊)
If you we're dying and you knew it was soon who would you want to be with

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Who do you like more - Channing Tatum, One Direction, Brad Pitt, or none of the above?
Was ist die Hauptstatt von der Schweiz?
Best pic to represent twilight??
I think I have a bad case of Cacophobia, do you?
What's ur fav emoji?
Guys I just found out I am not going to the beach
Do you like Harry Potter?
Un mot est représente par ce nombre.713705
Would you rather be known for being a likable person, or for being a respectable person?
My sister keeps vomiting, she's now in the hospital… 😢😞 her name in HeyCrowd is NatureLover… pray for her!
I'm in a ranting mood right now anyone what to join me? (In the comments or message me)
If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?
Do you like the Boston bruins
Is my toto hairy
What's your dream romantic evening? (That's my husband and I)
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