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How can one person tell another person to kill themselves Shoutout to ThickHeadedBastards_51
I don't know why people think it's okay to tell another person to kill themselves like their life is less important
First person to tell me their fav kind of sandwich gets a shoutout
Never mind she said no :/ she's already dating someone
This freaking person is flirting on me! Help!
I did an expirement to see if people would believe I'm another person she cannot accept it was an expirement
That's my friend called " Elaine ". She said we're ( so called ) " best friends " and look what she said to me!
Is it morally okay to kill a man in order to save another? What about to save more than one?
Death isn't a joke so don't make it into one Shoutout to ThickHeadedBastards_51

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How do u post pictures as answers someone please tell me please comment
Pour vous , Ques qui et le plus important dans un couple ?
I love minecraft! But most of the time I watch minecraft videos! Comment down your favourite minecraft youtuber!
If you could have any fictional creature from any movie what would it be? Like mine would be a Ewok from Star Wars.
Is my booty big or small
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Who here loves/ listens to Kpop? ( Korean pop ) no hate please.
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