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Can someone PLEASE explain how/why mustaches all of a sudden became so popular?
Is this me
Bow to me please everyone!
I take things too literally, and often miss what people are trying to say.
I take things too literally, and often miss what people are trying to say.
This girl is so nice! All she has is nice things to say about everyone so please check out her profile!
You can tell me what you think of me if you want to no bad things please
For all u girls out there who theFIST has been telling u that ur ugly or repulsively thin just comment and say what u...
whats the most annoying things mums do?

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What does S.C.U.B.A (as in scuba diving) stand for? (If you get it wrong or don't answer, leave this crowd immediately!)
Hangman isn't just a game, it teaches a lesson: by saying the wrong things you could end someone's life.
My family and I are going to church. Look at how cute my little sister is!
How's my outfit for my dance competition?(I know it's revealing.)
Do you think my bro is cute?
Is it ethical to steal money from someone who plans to use it on alcohol, when you struggle to pay rent?
I'm 5'7 and I weigh 118 lbs am I fat?
I love you, Aracely!
What was one direction first song together?
Have you ever pretended to be sick for something? Tell me why if you did
Which one is the prettiest comment plz
Shoutout to @hera!!
What was the name of the spell Snape created?
Which is your favorite season for fashion?
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