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If you Physics best then here are some Physics jokes
Kaoleen, he is dead right?
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Formality and color coordination: It is a commonly held belief that some degree of color coordination helps reduce...
If you had kids what kind of parent would you be?
The prophecy was delivered as a special prop, created for the campaign. Would you like to see more props and visuals in...
TOUCHY SUBJECT: Who can be included? In the big family portrait itself, we'd prefer that it be limited to people in this...
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So, how creative to you think you are now???

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So I like this guy but its almost the end of the school year what should I do ? Plz help
If you looked into the mirror of Erised what would you see as your ultimate desire?
What does Louis Tomlinson like??
Do you think Im pretty? Idc the answer! Thanks :)
I bet only 1 person knows this. (Credit to 💋HCH💋)
Only answer if u r part of the R5 family. Do u think Rydellington will ever happen?
What do you think of her!!?
Who's you're celebrity crush ?
Would you rather look nice and be uncomfortable...or look ugly and comfortable?
My brother my mom and and me and my little sister are going to a early Halloween party with my friends
What's your guilty pleasure
Only volleyball players will understand #1
( Is breá liom Éire ach tá mé i Meiriceá agus a uamhnach ) Is breá Cé a dtír ach ba mhaith chun fanacht i dtír eile ?
Shoutout to @hera!!
Do u have a kik? Comment ur username and let me know if u want to talk.
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