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I painted all these. Which one is best?
Which of my paintings do you like the most? Yes, I painted them all :)
Which one of these girls is the prettiest? Or comment what you like about each one! They are all pretty so…
Which outfit is better ( I made all of these outfits on polyvore )
Which dog is cuter? Coz I might get one of these
Which of these pics is the best? All mine so feel free to say how good i am in the comments 😊
I love wwe wrestling but with the girls Guess which one of these girl wrestlers is my favourite
Which one is the best of all of them
I painted these. Which do you like best?

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Don't u hate it when people who speak another language look at u then talk in Spanish and laugh at u then do it again
Am I sexy... I know I am so... :)
What should I wear on a double date with my BFF and BF
Which do you live closest too?
Cat woman vs Black Canary
Follow and like my musical.lys my name is paige_taylor_123
Are you a brainwashed lemming?
How do I know if a bot likes me?!?!
Girls wanting to be fingered?
Which outfit is better?😊. #outfits
which death is the saddest in harry potter? (not including dobby)
What was your first phone?
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
How does the couple names "Alyssa and David" sound?
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