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What grade are you in?
Did you know that Disney is starting to make the script of descendants 2 I heard it on Disney channel
Do u have a kik? Comment ur username and let me know if u want to talk.
What's the square root of 4 divided by 4 plus 4 plus 4 minus 4? (Answer in comments)
What is your opinion of stickers?
Repost if you have blue eyes!
What Katy Perry album is the best?
Lee's parents immigrated from china. They have 5 kids. La, Le, Li, and Lo. What is the name of the 5th?
πŸ˜„Rate these girls In hotness!😊
R u a perfectionist?
Spell your name without the letters a,r,n,m,i, and l
Is he cute or ugly?????
Am I the only one who thinks there should be a narwhal emoji?
Who loves Michael Jackson???😍😍😍
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