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How old do u think I am?
What do you think?
Sorry for no questions yestureday!
List ways how you can kill yourself.
Don't you hate when your mom thinks you have a attitude but you don't she is just really annoying 🖕🖕🖕😒
do you like the new taylor swift or old
Who is the prettiest from Fifth Harmony?
Does anyone here use the app : "Sing" by Smule? If yes comment your usernames. Appstore link is right down here:
What do yall think of me?
Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online?
Whos Hotter ? Selena or Katy
If you could instantly learn any language out of these four which would it be?
If you could have any fictional creature from any movie what would it be? Like mine would be a Ewok from Star Wars.
What position is easiest for first time bottoming? Comment
Soft Sex or Hard?
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