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Si hoc legere scis nimium temporis in manibus
Who's prettiest to you?
Today is Random Emoji Day!! Put some random emojis in the comments!
Pvp pranks vs pranks Jenna marbles is on here
If you would date someone in 1D who would it be ???? For your imformation i dont know who to pick
What is the chemical compound for salt?!?!?!
Does my dog look like Dobby..?
Send one nude to my kik ill send 3 back to you my kik is z_hilly im so Horney
Which one is the prettiest comment plz
Where are shrimp's hearts located?
Who is your favorite girl from Little Mix
Do you like red lobster ?
Am I pretty or cute? 💙💜💚
Best tg caption 4
A thousand years is like one day to God because he is infinite. So was the earth really made in 6 days, or over time?
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