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Favorite music
Hi. Curious as to where I stand. Can you rate this pic from 1-10?
Should I keep my username as Christian (my real name) or change it to pupbot (half robot half dog) because robot dog
Insect eating bats produce sparkly poop! Did you know?
Would people have to change the way they think for the world to be peaceful?
Who is your favorite character from Drake & Josh?
My dad just came home with a mini crossbow he bought. I'm so hyped!
A movie is getting really good and the movie ends or a cermacial starts. How do you fell
What should I wear to high school today? 99 degrees?!!
My friend wants to lose her virginity this summer. She's 13. What do I tell her?
Do u think that Justin started acting bad when he and Selena broke up?
Pick the best name for a girl.
What TV show is better?
If you got a dog what would you name it?
Favorite Animal
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