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Asked over 1 year ago by picture of the user who created this survey ๐Ÿ’ญGlader๐Ÿ’ญFPS๐ŸŽ€|SES๐Ÿฏ to Icon of the crowd (category) this question was asked to Everyone
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Yeah, I know Bernie seems like a great option, but something like that happened in Costa Rica. They elected a socialist who said everything Bernie is saying, and economy dropped drastically. It was pretty terrible.
over 1 year ago
@๐ŸฉCHOCOLATE๐ŸชDEATH๐Ÿซ yeah but times have changed (I don't know when that happened in Costa Rica but I'm just assuming it was in the 1900s so don't kill me) Scandinavia and most of Europe has taken a new system, the perfect mix of socialism and capitalism, and it's working very well. But trump won anyways so nevermind :(((
about 1 year ago

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