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Which Taylor Swift album is your favorite out of the following?
Which is your fav pic of Taylor Swift??
Which pic of Taylor swift is the best?
Which pic is better of Taylor swift
Do you hate Taylor swift
What is your opinion on Taylor Swift
Which would you be prepared to do for £50,000?
rate Taylor swift on scale 1-4 (1-terrible, 4-awesome)
Which is your fav taylor swift do

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What do you do when your friends are nowhere to be found , everyone hates you , and your parents get you in trouble.
Favorite solo artist? Mine Shawn Mendes
Do you like boys with long hair?
What name best fits "Julia"?
What is important enough to go to war over?
Is this a big house for beyonce and jay z
gess my age
Well.... She had many bf...... Uhm ..... I wont say anything but...... Look at the pic....
Do you like Nicki Minaj?
Thrift Shop?
Am I sexy... I know I am so... :)
Opinions on cheerleading....
Favorite pairing out of the following:
Narwhal, unicorn, Pegasus. Which do you like better
How many animals do you have
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