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Which is your fav pic of Taylor Swift??
Which pic of Taylor swift is the best?
Which pic is better of Taylor swift
Do you hate Taylor swift
What is your opinion on Taylor Swift
Which would you be prepared to do for £50,000?
rate Taylor swift on scale 1-4 (1-terrible, 4-awesome)
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My crush sits next to me in class. I think that he might like me. What do i do?
what do u want to do to me?
Good truth or dare questions to ask the guy u like
Have you ever bullied someone at one point in your life?
If you guys could guess how many people are in my dad's family you could get a shout out😋😎
Never stop believing ! You can do whatever you want , you just have to believe in yourself :) x
I got one question. How can you logout in this app???
Am I fat? I'm 11 I'm 5 ft 4 and 150 pounds
What are some apps for teen girls that you like and think is fun?
What season is your birthday in???😄😃😀😛
What's your biggest fear?
Which is your favorite gay porn site/studio?
Have you ever watched keeping up with the Kardashians ?
Stydia ou Stalia ? #TeenWolf
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