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I have been dating my boyfriend fir 14 months, his younger kids are 11. Saw them 3-4 times in my life he said in a year from now might be the same because kids still young. I feel like he is keeping distance what do you think ?

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It depends if your heading towards marriage. Right now, I'd talk to him about how it makes you feel, perhaps unimportant or not like family. They are plenty old enough, it may be his baby mama putting that in his head. You are supposed to be apart of his life, and the sooner his kids realize and know that, the better, and I'm sure baby mama knows that too. If he chooses to ignore, I'd do away with it, bc kids can really be a big thing in a relationship, they can come between it, looks like it kinda already has.
about 1 year ago
wtf just dump him if he needs to think and stay with him if he wants to well...get it on;) k bye need more advice just name it on this comment as in press reply#coolcat#bye
about 1 year ago
Just listen to your heart if it doesn't feel right maybe it just wasn't meant to be😐
about 1 year ago

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