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I've haven't used this app for like 3yrs just saying Bc I'm bored (^:

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Asked 11 months ago by picture of the user who created this survey $UicideLynx to Icon of the crowd (category) this question was asked to Everyone
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I've haven't used this app for like 3yrs just saying Bc I'm bored (^:
Do you really like this app?😊
Do you like this saying and background that I designed with an app!!!
I get on this app because.......
Do u think this app is stupid?!?!
Do you like this app?
Deleting this app bc lots of my friends from here are gone now. I've had heycrowd for over 2 years now. Xoxo -Aly πŸ˜­πŸ’‹
Do you like this app
Do you like this app?

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