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How many children do you have?
What is your favorite soccer team?
Who is hotter: Liam Hemsworth(Gale) or Josh Hutchenson (Peeta) ??
Do amputees scare you?
Who is your favorite marauder?
Jayfeather, Blind, Grey Sorting,Turning, Mewing Medicine cats Is that a good poem?
Would you date me
First 4 people to put Their initials gets a monogram.
What do you think about Jake Paul
Degeu ou pa le cuni pendant les raigles ? Moi jador
My new story has Japanese name, so if you know anime, please imagine them in anime. It's called Creature-like Victory.
My mom said my eyeshadow is too dark what do you think??
Does anyone still watch spongebob square pants?
Am I ugly or nah
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