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How often do you authorize GPS location when you open a new app
When you search for a new app in the App Store , how many apps do you download for one search
How often do you watch television when you are hung over?
How often do you use contraception?
How often do you feel stressed?
How often do you notice when the government introduces a new safety feature on trains/stations?
How often do you practice safe sex?
How often do you comment on a question?
How often do you feel hung over and/or forget certain parts of the night before?

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Can a 7th grade girl/guy have a real relationship?
Mon dessin avec des smarties dessu
1-4 who comment get a shoutout also 11-14 get a shout out , you can only comment once!
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Do you think its awkward when you tell your best guy friend that you really like him?
Omg this video is hilarious! Please watch it cause it made my day! It's got Adele's new song hello in it!
Who loves Piers Nivans from Resident Evil 6 (I do)
Why do people hate justin bieber
What grade are you in?
What time should a t 10 year old go to bed?!
What would u do if u saw ur crush with another girl?
If you were granted ONE wish, what would it be?
who wad you rather wanna whach on YouTube
Does it hurt when they pull out one of your teeth when it's already full grown?
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