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How often do you authorize GPS location when you open a new app
When you search for a new app in the App Store , how many apps do you download for one search
How often do you watch television when you are hung over?
How often do you use contraception?
How often do you feel stressed?
How often do you notice when the government introduces a new safety feature on trains/stations?
How often do you practice safe sex?
How often do you comment on a question?
How often do you feel hung over and/or forget certain parts of the night before?

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Look! Up in the sky!
Hot or not
How often do you shop online?
Are you sick of seeing people wearing there pajamas in PUBLIC?!!
Am I pretty ?
Are you happy at work?
Do you like curly hair or straight?
Why do people hate justin bieber?
Ok there is a guy and I have liked him for 3 years but we haven't talk at all but we said hi that's it what do I do
Who do you watch more on YouTube (only the people who watch YouTube)
Best shoe.
Religion to you is...
How do I get out of going to this wedding?
Who's ur fav. Couple
Which is the cutest my dog=1 pic sisters dog=2 pic dad's dog= 3 pic

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who wad you rather wanna whach on YouTube
If someone asks you to go to a restaurant with them would you go???
Your iPod/phone is acting slow, or stupid. What do you do?
Am I fat?
Hot or Not?
Did you guys hear about beyonce's secretly dropped album. Dropped yesterday on iTunes
Do you see Herobrine? In this pic zoom in
Comment anything if you're bored !
Don't you hate people who hack you and pretend to be you?
Which is your favorite season for fashion?
Am I lesbian if I always watch lesbian porn and finger myself over thought of other women, but wish I had a boyfriend?
What is the best comeback if someone calls you a bitch?
Your fav song?
What do I do with my life? My mom fucking treats me like a 2 year old. She won't let me get my ears pierced till I'm 13
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