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How often do you authorize GPS location when you open a new app
When you search for a new app in the App Store , how many apps do you download for one search
How often do you watch television when you are hung over?
How often do you use contraception?
How often do you feel stressed?
How often do you notice when the government introduces a new safety feature on trains/stations?
How often do you practice safe sex?
How often do you comment on a question?
How often do you feel hung over and/or forget certain parts of the night before?

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Pretty yes,no??
Ok, tell me something about yourself that nobody else would know from face value! Make the vote # match comment #!!!
The name that you dislike the most
do u think she is .................................
Just comment
Would you rather read a...
Best pic for home screen
Justin bieber or one direction
How soft is the tip of your nose?

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Lolz! Comment if you know me😂
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What is your favorite holiday?
Alexander Gould: Hot or Not
So I like this guy but its almost the end of the school year what should I do ? Plz help
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Soft Sex or Hard?
Do u have a kik???
I'm thinking of getting a German Shepard,should I?
Ladyxeona ???
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