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Is this just barely any compared to some of you or am I playing on this way to much?
Why have I not done that many? Aghhhghhgg
What do you think of this ????
I have 27 questions including this one and have about 52 answers is this a lot of answers?
Look how amazingly well Emma is doing!
Who wants a monogram??? Similar to this one
I like to do my nails this is my collection of over 100 nail polishes
I have voted for 5414 questions. Is this a lot?
My auntie is pregnant!!!!!

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Which outfit? xx👗
My crush gets influenced by his bestfriends. He's weird around them but when he is with other guys he is lovely. Help!!
What is 10x10x45
Am I cute rate me 1-10
Do U want to go there(I do)🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔
If a boy fancied you and you didn't fancy him back would you go out with him?
Is 7st. 5lb bad for a 13 year old? Im a 5 ft 4
Who is hotter? Red:Rihanna blue: Rita Ora yellow: Tulisa green: Niki Minaj
Do u think it's bad to be addicted to something!
I'm 12 and I wear pencil eyeliner. I only wear a little. Do you think i'm too young?
What should my teacher call her baby (boy)?
Are peppers fruit or vegetable? Answer in comments what u think? I know the answer just comment F or v? I will answer x
What is your favourite Impulse body spray?
Favourite dance style..
You know what's really fun to do? Type in a bunch of random letters and see what it autocorrects them to. Try it!
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