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Has anybody seen this at Dillard's at the mall or somewhere else?
Does anybody like Naruto?
Are you in love with someone?
Anybody remember this Crew from WCW Monday Night Nitro Wrestling?

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Am I pretty????
Guess what nationality mixes I am
I have a math quiz tomorrow and I'm super nervous because I haven't been doing well in math and I'm counting on this
Coolest lipstick?💄
Three truths, one lie. Can you guess the lie about me?
Is this a big house for beyonce and jay z
The most beautiful face
What are you allergic to (I'm allergic to bees,grass,flowers,bushes,trees,pollen and penisilen
Do you think awkward people choose to be awkward?
What do you think about youtubers are they that good to have that many subscribers?
Ugliest trait in a man is
What's your biggest fear?
Starting to do monograms put initials and wallpaper kind down below and get a free monogram by commenting
What color hair do you have? If you have none of these, please comment!
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