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Would you repost this?
Are you sad
Are you sad?
Are you sad Jay Lenos leaving?😪
Do you think that eating is good therapy when you are sad (e.g eating chocolate when you have heart break)
How are you???
Are you sad and lonely?
Why hate?

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How many languages do u speak and what??? I speak English and Italian!!!
Did you know if you pick a number double it add six half it then subtract by the number you started with you get three.
Facebook or twitter?
If you were granted ONE wish, what would it be?
Which hair is cutest?
Found Abby on Google! She's a fake, don't believe her!
Close your eyes and type in random letters with the keyboard. Then press space and there will be an autocorrect!
Metallica or megadeath?
NIKOLINA I am SOOOO sorry forgive me?
Did you know dove Cameron's real name is Chloe hosterman?
Is it ok to flirt while in a relationship??
What do you do with your bestie
Do you watch them?
Have you ever gotten a brain freeze from milk?
Do you have a trampoline?
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