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Which one?
Which one?
Which one do you think is the prettiest?
which one is nice
Which girl is prettier?
Which bikini is you favorite?
Which one is prettier!!!!!?
Which one out of these is the hottest?
Which one is the best

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I'm in year 9 is it weird to fancy a year 10?
How many pieces of Lego can you fit up your bum?
Siete proprio Italiani o avete anche altre origini ? Io sono di origine tedesca e ovviamente anche mio fratello
Cutest baby ?!x😜
Are you going on holiday this year? I'm going to Mexico!!
What do you like for ur birthday
When there is an awkward silence and sexual tension how should I break it?
Fave little mix song off of salute and DNA
If a usually talkative and social guy gets tongue tied, awkward, and shy around you, does he like you?
I wear half tops/crop tops, is tht bad?? xxxxx
Hermione Granger: Annoying, smart, too smart or not really smart?
What's better?
I have a back condition where my spine is curved weirdly, and I have to hav an operation soon. Should I be scared?
How's school going ?
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