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What is your favorite sport
Can you take a dare? If yes, I dare you to google your name and comment what crazy shit you find.
Do you watch Spongebob.?cx
Look that's a selfie of me holding paper that says told u so
My dad just came home with a mini crossbow he bought. I'm so hyped!
Do you say grace before you eat dinner or any other meal? If so, write in the comments what you say!
Which thing that "edgy" teenagers say/do is worse?
Do you like Harry potter!?!
Which boy is cuter
Which Pokemon is the cutest?
Hot or not 🎈🌸
Whose better Katy or Taylor swift
Who were your favorite couple in the twilight saga ?
ⒷⓄⓇⒺⒹ! β“β’Ίβ“‰β“ˆ β“Œβ“‡β’Ύβ“‰β’Ί β’Ά β“ˆβ“‰β“„β“‡β“Ž ⒾⓃ ⓉⒽⒺ β’Έβ“„β“œβ“œβ’Ίβ“ƒβ“‰β“ˆ!!
Wo hast du am liebsten sex?
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