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What outfit do you like?? (Btw I made them all on polyvore)
Which pic do u like better of my Halloween costume? ( I know Halloween was a while ago but whatevs)
Which picture of Theo James is the hottest?😍☀️🔥 (all of them but yeah whatever😅) btw: I SHIP SHEO SO BAD. Cmt if u 2!
#halloween fav diy costume
What is your ❤️? ( i love all of them 🙊)
Which one? Btw I took them all😁
Best picture?!🌺I took them all btw😳
Best Halloween costume
Fav outfit? (All created by me on polyvore)

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Metallica or megadeath?
Favorite song?
Are you racist against gays?
Three truths, one lie. Can you guess the lie about me?
What is the most stupidest thing you've ever done
Have you ever french kiss?
D'où venez-vous?
Do you sleep in the nude
So I like this guy but its almost the end of the school year what should I do ? Plz help
If you had chance to fix all your mistakes would you or not? Comment your answer
Who wants a faceQ design? Tell me how long your hair is & what color it is. Things like that so it looks like you.
Did the Perks of Being a Wallflower make you cry?
Who loves Piers Nivans from Resident Evil 6 (I do)
Mostly overused name for a bird
Vous avez? Moi j'ai un iPhone 5 😏
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