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What outfit do you like?? (Btw I made them all on polyvore)
Which pic do u like better of my Halloween costume? ( I know Halloween was a while ago but whatevs)
Which picture of Theo James is the hottest?😍☀️🔥 (all of them but yeah whatever😅) btw: I SHIP SHEO SO BAD. Cmt if u 2!
#halloween fav diy costume
What is your ❤️? ( i love all of them 🙊)
Which one? Btw I took them all😁
Best picture?!🌺I took them all btw😳
Best Halloween costume
Fav outfit? (All created by me on polyvore)

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Wick is your fab. Mines JB then Pink then Rihanna then Cody Simpson..
I wanna die!
I have a BF but I only said yes not to hurt his feelings and I don't wanna date him but idk wat to do
Hey yall my momma died today at 3 this morning (shes on the left in pic) if your religious can you please pray for me?
What is your favorite new emoji?
What TV show is better?
Aria or spencer
What's your favorite emoji?
Try pushing 😁 with your pinky toe.
I'm so fancy you all ready know, I'm in the fast lane from L.A to ______ "Fancy"
Is Trent Reznor hot?
What do think of me P.S. word can't bring me down!!!!! Tap to zoom😊
Favorite store
We should rise above hate right??
My crush ran up to me and kissed me in school
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