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What outfit do you like?? (Btw I made them all on polyvore)
Which pic do u like better of my Halloween costume? ( I know Halloween was a while ago but whatevs)
Which picture of Theo James is the hottest?😍☀️🔥 (all of them but yeah whatever😅) btw: I SHIP SHEO SO BAD. Cmt if u 2!
#halloween fav diy costume
What is your ❤️? ( i love all of them 🙊)
Which one? Btw I took them all😁
Best picture?!🌺I took them all btw😳
Best Halloween costume
Fav outfit? (All created by me on polyvore)

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Which emoji best describes u?
Do you like Iggy Azalea
Was ist die Hauptstatt von der Schweiz?
What's your favorite animal?
Stydia ou Stalia ? #TeenWolf
Would you date a cheerleader?(yes thats me)
Do you know what hurling is ???????
If you were granted ONE wish, what would it be?
LARRY PROOF:Louis fingered Harry during a interview and some say it's not real
Do you think dimples are cute
59% of men and 69% of women report losing interest in someone they were once attracted to after a bad first kiss.
Comment which u?
Dans les école selon vous a quoi servent les uniforme ?
Am I handsome?
Do you like the full name Emerson Nora O'Sullivan?
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