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Don't you hate when your mom thinks you have a attitude but you don't she is just really annoying 🖕🖕🖕😒
What did YOU get for Christmas? I got a HoverBoard! Here's the picture 👉🏻
"Girl you are so pretty". What is your response?
Is it ok to flirt while in a relationship??
Would anyone be interested in a Disney crowd?
If you like guy but you don't know if he likes you back?
Does anyone want to chat
Why do men act stupid
Do you watch Good Luck Charlie
Does Justin Bieber deserve Selena
Have you watched or read Inuyasha?
In Russia, there's a superstition that if a bird poops on you or your property, it may bring you luck and riches.
Which pretty little liars actress is the prettiest?
Hi guys umm I am sorry I am saying bad words I swear I won't and umm I was saying them cause u dint think I am be and
Who is the most famous person on here?
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