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What is the most important factor when choosing a nail polish?

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Asked over 2 years ago by picture of the user who created this survey User 846543 to Icon of the crowd (category) this question was asked to Women
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what if you don't like nail polish???
almost 2 years ago
the only polish that makes it past 24 hrs is that peel off stick on yr nails stuff. Not the crappy cheap stickers, from some sort of paper, (they're rubbish) but the ones made from actual nail polish, they are the business, cos you don't end up with dents in it. Every time i paint my nails, immediately afterward i need to do a million absolutely essential things with my hands so it never dries before it gets wrecked, and even if it does, the end of my nail area chips off within hrs,regardless of what brand I use. Those stick on ones are the only thing thats ever worked for me (i.e. sally hansen, revlon and similar) Why don't they make them any more?
over 1 year ago

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