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Who loves this app?!!!
Should I delete this app please don't comment unless it's don't leave
My friend dared me to try Instagram for 3 weeks and if I like it I keep it and if I don't I delete the app.
Should I delete this app?
Should I delete this app?
Should I delete this app?
Should I delete this app
Hey I deleted this app but I just got it back so what would you guys like me to ask?
I think I should delete HeyCrowd! 😞 There's so much rude people! πŸ˜”

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To all the fashionistas, in your opinion. Is it important if the guy cares about how he dresses?
Some one Kik me
Have you watched or read Inuyasha?
Which do you prefer blue brown green or hazel eyesπŸ‘€
Country, beach bum or city slicker, which one are you?
Who has a "eos lip balm" if you do comment and tell me what flavor you have.
Do I look like lindsay lohan when she was younger?
Comment if this is a real cat or fake
What do you see in a guy?
which one do u prefer?
Three lies and one truth. Pick the truth(HARDEST VERSION).
What medium do you prefer?
What mi puta means
At what age did you get your period?
How do u tell if your crush likes you if u guys are friends
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