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Which is the best school subject and personality?
Do you ever worry if your BFF will leave you one day?
Favorite solo artist? Mine Shawn Mendes
Do you think the real life Barbie is cute???
Which pic is best? Please pardon the weirdness.
"Girl you are so pretty". What is your response?
What does xD mean? I'd say it's this face: 😵 | You vote! Arianna thinks it's this face: 😆 | Let's see who's correct!
Read 1984 be George Orwell it's a fantastic piece about a negative utopia.
How does the couple names "Alyssa and David" sound?
Are you like that when you watch Fairy Tail ? (I am xD)
Favorite dance moms girl?
Est-ce que vous parlez français?
Do you have a curfew?
If u won a million dollars what would u get with it?
My .... My ..... Is yours tripping on skies sippin waterfalls.
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