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Is my baby cow cute his name is ruffles he was born on Mother's Day (comment please)
Is he cute? His name is Christopher
Is my nephew cute?
I was so happy that I got to see my cute baby cousin this week! His name is Jackson, isn't he super cute!😍😍😍
Is my nephew cute ? :3 His name is William
Hi is he cute that is my baby cousin yesterday was his birthday!
Is my baby boy cute. (His name is Cameron)
Is he cute his name is teddy
Is my dog cute he is a pit bull Chihuahua and his name is hoss

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Anybody know why people say yasss instead of yesssss?
Do I look British
Who is hotter: Liam Hemsworth(Gale) or Josh Hutchenson (Peeta) ??
What is Tom Riddles vault number in Gringotts bank?
Who's a r5er?
Do you look through the cylinder right or left?
I have allodoxaphobia, do you?
1-4 who comment get a shoutout also 11-14 get a shout out , you can only comment once!
Am I pretty?
Am I fat?
If you looked into the mirror of Erised what would you see as your ultimate desire?
Do I have a baby face?(I'm 14)
What is your favorite part of New York ? ( or about New York )
If there was a creeper in front of your face what would you do?
Für welche Mannschaft seid ihr an der Wm?😍
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