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Who is prettier?
Who is prettier
Who is prettier?
Who is hotter?
Who is prettier?
Who is cuter ? :)
Who is hotter?
Who is prettiest?
Who is prettier?

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Beschte kanton?
Sorry everyone, I just have been really busy lately and I couldn't really go on HeyCrowd.
Challenge ! Touch your vagina / penis right now ! Have you done it ?
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Worst way to die?
How do u log out of HeyCrowd? Cuz I don't know how
Which B.A.P members is cute? (2 members not shown)
Have you ever dissected a frog
Best teenick show
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Comment if this is a real cat or fake
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So,my brother told me he's bi,and I don't care,but he's afraid to tell his parents,should he or if he don't should I?
I'm a loner please Kik me?(: ill be your best friend!
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