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What country is the best
Went to prom this weekend! Here's me and my sassy boyfriend 😊
Do you know what hurling is ???????
Hey yall my momma died today at 3 this morning (shes on the left in pic) if your religious can you please pray for me?
We're having an argument with a friend over the colour of this pillow! Help! I see it blue and she sees it green btw..
I have a math quiz tomorrow and I'm super nervous because I haven't been doing well in math and I'm counting on this
I have the sun on my wrist, but the clouds in my face and the storms in my head. * I could write poems lol*
Best romantic movie...
My Little Pony Travel Agency Unfamiliars need not Apply😝
Are you...
I dare you guys to go in the comments and press the "paste" button and post it.
Are you a fan of justin bieber?
Repost if you have blue eyes!
There are more atoms in the human body than their are nanoseconds in the history of earth. Did you know?
do i look tired ?
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