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Did you know that the first Popsicle was accidentally made by an 11 year old?
Best tg caption 4
Like my princess tea set?
What did YOU get for Christmas? I got a HoverBoard! Here's the picture 👉🏻
HD 189773b is an exoplanet that is thought to rain glass, sideways. Did you know?
Our winner: 💀EMILY💀{AOF}!🎉
My pixel art #1. I have been working on my pixel art lately. Which is your favourite??
Billy's mother has 3 children April, May, and who is the last one?
Are you a brainwashed lemming?
Is this guy cute or what!!!!!!
Rwar!! I'm da King of da Jungerz!!!
What do you consider chubby?
I went to my new school's open house and it was SO BIG AND AWESOME! SEE COMMENTS FOR MORE DETAILS.
What's more important to you: actually learning something or getting good grades?
Does a girl and boy can give hug in friendship?
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