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This is me and my friend who's cuter the blind or bernett
Who's better outa me and my friend (ps,I'm the blond) 💖💋💗💓💕💞💘❤💍💎
This is me and my friend Kailyn! Do u think this pic is funny? I'm on the left!
My friend lost her phone and she's making me ask this. Is she pretty?
Which of us is prettier (I'm the blond,my friend is the brown haired chick)
Lol idk I'm borrred..... But which pic of me and my best friend is the best
This is my friend, is she cute?
My best friend lies to me all the time and she is two years younger she acts like a kid should she be my friend?
Me and my boyfriend broke up and then the night after my friend asks if she can ask him out so i say yes because I want her to think I'm over him. They started going out the day after we broke up. Is she now officially a...

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I have a BF but I only said yes not to hurt his feelings and I don't wanna date him but idk wat to do
Which room in my house is cooler?🌺
Do you like my boots?
Which phon have you got? 📲
Who do u love most
What's ur favorite sleepover activity?
What's your favourite song at the moment? 🎧
Snap me at jeli262
Am I pretty?
What's you're Kik
What would you wear
Have you watched or read Inuyasha?
Which show is best?
How do I convince my parents to get me braces.
I'm bored and I want to watch a movie on Netflix, but I can't decide on what to watch, got any ideas?
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