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Do u like my school bag?
Do you like smoking?
Do you like chocolate?
Do you like Nutella
Do you like my name?(Katie)
Do you like the colour of my hair?
How do you feel about the song "Love Me Again" by John Newman
Do you like my make up ?
Do you like Sin City?

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3 true 1 false. Guess the false one!
What do you think is the most vital organ in your body?
Which youtuber is the best?
Witch would you rather wear???
This freaking person is flirting on me! Help!
Should I send my bf nudes, post nudes of both
Whoever can guess my favorite Tinker Bell Movie character getts a shoutout!!!
Perfect age for a kid?πŸ‘Ά
Who is the least talented member of One Direction?
Im 16 years old and single any one want to talk
I have this crazy phobia of sharks called Galeophobia! I won't even go in the ocean! Comment your phobia!
What is your favorite song?
How old do I look...?
I'm 11 and I'm afraid that I have a bad iq score is it good or bad I hope it's good
I've been told I have "long legs" do u think so ?
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