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Do u think it's bad to be addicted to something!
Don't believe it just found a Danny macaskill signed can of red bull go check out his video: way back home ) on YouTube
What's the best roasted meat out of
Do you believe abortion is wrong?
The best nickname for someone called- Holly. {Any other ideas just comment} - Can only think of 2 -
My crush gets influenced by his bestfriends. He's weird around them but when he is with other guys he is lovely. Help!!
Is it ok for my friend who is 11 to masterbate?
So you fart burp frow up
How's school going ?
Pick your fav emoji group from down below!⬇
Which Big Bang Theory character is the best
How do you pronounce meme ?
Harry styles with curly hair in 2011 or quiff in 2013?
Do you have an Instagram? If so comment and I'll follow you!
What would you rather have
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