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Do you think a person who has put three children up for adoption should call themselves a mother? Why or why not?
do you use ur brush as a mike
Do you think having the mother as the antagonistis a good idea, why?
What Question do you Thing really has to be answered? And comment why.
I have a better relationship with my
Are You Married To Or In A Relationship With the Children's Mother?
Do you, as a parent feel like this activity helped your child? Why or Why Not?
Who loves who more?
If you or your children have never attended Sunday School at Calvary, please tell us what you can about why you have not attended. Please select as many responses as appropriate.

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Most tragic celebrity death
What's your favorite type of music? If your answer is not an option; feel free to comment!
What's the capital of Poland?
Who thinks Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton are dating??
How do you feel if you have a secret crush, and they look you in the eye?
Where do you get this (this is mine)
Best boyfriend quote?
Choose the least picked number! First 3 people, tell me in the comments and u get a choice of a monogram or shoutout!
How beautiful do you think you are?
What country do you live in? ( im an aussie ) ( we dont have acients )
Melanie Martinez lyric. 🎀
What do you think I mean: 🙉🙈🙉
Am I cute??❤️
Does anyone else keep seeing the same people here?
At the library and someone keeps staring at me
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