My new story has Japanese name, so if you know anime, please imagine them in anime. It's called Creature-like Victory.

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Asked about 3 years ago by userpic ♔✧ⓈⓉⓎⓁⒺ✧♔ to crowd icon Everyone
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Where the fuck am I supposed to read it?
about 3 years ago
@OMGImAHipsterplzkillme 😂😂
about 3 years ago
Title: Creature-like Victory Characters: Akuma Tenka Nanami Aki Akuma is the demon, Tenka is the angel, Nanami is the mermaid, and last of all, Aki is the fairy. Akuma is a bully, she uses her wand very often. She's an evil demon princess. Tenka is very nice! She watches people above the clouds, she really wants to go to Earth. But she NEVER been to Earth before. Tenka wants to make sure people are doing excellent, she doesn't want anything happening bad. Sometimes, Akuma makes the human fall deep asleep in a very terrible nightmare! Tenka can undo it only SOMETIMES because it's very, very, very, difficult. You see, Akuma's powers are very, very, very, very, strong. Akuma's wand is well taken care. That's why it works all the time. Tenka is a nice angel princess. Nanami is always trying to go to the seashore, but her father won't let her because he doesn't want humans seeing Nanami and he also has a good reason why. Nanami is a curious teenager, she always asks questions about humans. She's similar to Tenka because they both LOVE humans dearly! Nanami is a curious mermaid princess. Aki is a responsible girl. She's protective of herself at all times, she knows when she's safe because she just does! Aki is a responsible fairy, she's smart, too and clever! This is hard to believe, but Aki mostly wins the battles. Akuma should be the most powerful of all the girls, but Aki is. Nanami is kinda always losing the battles because she focuses so much on learning about humans. Mostly angels call Tenka " tenshi ". Akuma even bullies demons in her school! Fairies may sometimes tease Aki about being super smart, but in a good way. Aki smiles at that. Akuma has her own little reason why she's obnoxious to people and mega evil. You will find out
about 3 years ago
I couldn't read all of it, seems like it wouldn't fit or something, but I think you should become a children's author!😀
about 3 years ago

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