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Have you changed your mind about pressing the button?
If you Physics best then here are some Physics jokes
How desperate are you to see your PC's from the past in the upcoming campaign?
What are your possibilities in the future within the same company?
This questionnaire is 100% anonymous; it will be used in an Imperial Research Activity, by agreeing to this you will be accepting that your answers will be used as results for a research activity. If you agree please press...
Economics Jokes
If I do this again, (and if there is a large number of participants), would you be willing to create and distribute a portion of the gifts? (Yay teamwork) (check all that apply)
You don't have to be some sick BDSM Sadist. Just be yourself. I am open to normal guys who want to give this a try.

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What color hair do you have? If you have none of these, please comment!
Did you guys know that Brent Rivera sings?!?!?
I'm super bored.😩 Save me!!!
Are you going to the one direction concert on August 29th 2015 (I am!)
Have you seen the movie Coraline?
Turn in your predictive! Type " kill my ___ " and press the middle word! Mine is: Kill my sister.
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to write back ... If you would know the reason .. You would stop being awful to me ... :(
Which piercing would you get?
I didn't do to school today in sick
Do you know Jenna Marbels
Would you kiss a guy/boy for money or kiss for free :-)
Funny face ponies!!
Who's going to say hi in the comments?🙋
Don't you hate how people call themselves "rockers" because they listen to fall out boy, yet don't know the classics
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