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If you like science, pick your favourite field-
Check out these youtubers
hi girls! my name is adrianna and I just uploaded my first YouTube video and if you could please check it out! thanks!😋
Which emoji do you use the most out of these?
Out of these TV programs, which do you most prefer?
Favourite song out of these. (If u haven't heard them then check them out!!) ;)
What do you check out the most on the internet?
If you would check out anime from the library, what series would you be interested in?
Do you know the channel orangesprinkles if you dont go chek it out
which reminds you most of Gary Tank Commander

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Comment your name
Prettiest landscape.
Have you ever typed your name in google or on the net?
There's this guy in my class who's always just staring at me and that's all he does he doesn't talk to me or anything what should I do Please comment
There are more atoms in the human body than their are nanoseconds in the history of earth. Did you know?
What is your favorite fruit
Do u think this is cool. (That is me)
Do you shower in the morning or at night
Cuddling or sex?
Do you think dating is stupid?
What's your fav part of a sleepover?
Do you know what ivivva is?
Just got back to Okinawa from visiting family! She met me at Mihama and we twinned😝 Cute or no?
how wad you survive a zobie apcalips
Do you play call of duty black ops 2
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