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Rate the following in which you are most scared of.
Which of these are you most scared of?
What are you more scared of?
Which animals out of the following do you dislike the most?
What are you MOST afraid of?
Which of these most scares you?
I'm scared of....
Which do you fear most: spiders or snakes?
What are you scared of?😱

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What religion are you?
What is the name of the substance that gives color to skin?
Who is Looks or is better Soul,Blackstar,or Death the kid? How you can tell which is which is they are in order by name.
Which is the best dancer on dance moms?
Would you date me
Would you rather....
Am I pretty?
Favorite state? (Out of these choices)
I am preety
Best book series?
Ask me a question and I'll answer it
Avez vous des animaux de compagnie ?
Is my dog pretty?
Wonder Woman vs Hawk Girl
I have a crush and he's been my good friend for a really long time! Should I tell him I like him?👎👍😫😫😳😳
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