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Do you think awkward people choose to be awkward?
Do you shower in the morning or at night
This Samihah person is mean I didn't even do anything to that person and all of a sudden they starts being rude
If u hâte me comment why
Which band member is hotter?
Favorite Pokemon?
What does it mean if a guy flirts with you u ask him if he likes u he blushes and walks away and doesn't answer?
Who all married I am
Who else thinks that she and her friends are in serious need of a reality check?
😭 would you help this cat? Go to meow box to see what you can do. This is more for cat people though😕
Witch is cuter?
Which dress??
Some one Kik me
Why you gotta be so _____?
I think I should delete HeyCrowd! 😞 There's so much rude people! 😔
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