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What is your buying budget per month?
Monthly Disposable Income
On an average how much do you spend on beauty/hair services every month?
On average, how much do you spend on cosmetics every purchase?
What is the average cost of your product?
Enter your monthly income
5) How much have you spent on flowers and plants at once? (E.g. flower bunch, wedding flowers, birthday etc. )
How much, on average, do you spend on a garment?
How much would you be prepared to pay for a new electric car?

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What is your favorite little mix couple ?
Talia died with cancer all she wanted was a emoji that was bald make it happen by reposting it on insta and other sites
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I am...
Me and Arianna's game.
What is the worst orthodontics thing OR if you hadn't had any what you think is
My pixel art #1. I have been working on my pixel art lately. Which is your favourite??
Which prison stereotype are you?
What was the saddest experience you've ever had? 😔
comment your favorite emojis
I got this message on Wattpad from my dad!ðŸ˜ĢI will never forgive myself for lying to him !
Starting to do monograms put initials and wallpaper kind down below and get a free monogram by commenting
Does my dog look like a rat 🐀🐁( I think she does
Who is the true owner of the Wand of Destiny? (The Elder Wand)
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