Why do people hardly comment on the questions

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Asked almost 6 years ago by userpic nerdvader99 to crowd icon Everyone
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People if you are hacking me or anyone comment why I would like to know why
I would really appreciate if you would stop disabling ALL my questions it isn't necessary
I would like you to find this on the Internet, Hera!
Would you rather be deaf or blind? (I'm deaf and can only see out of one eye).Why do people hate me because of that?
Do you watch hockey?
Would you do that???
Why do you all want to move to the uk? It's rubbish!
I don't know why people think it's okay to tell another person to kill themselves like their life is less important
Do you like holister????

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I have an English cocker spaniel he looks like this his names mowgli
Boom _______, sound of my heart
Would you change yourself for a girl?
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Whats your favourite flavour ice cream?<3
Hey I'm sorry it was a joke this is my real brother what do you think lol means I would go for laugh out loud
Which app do you prefer?
Favs meal?
Tap both cheeks x2 say pencil then hold ur breath 5 sec and see if u yawn (I made it up )
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