Is this a good picture of fnaf chibi human Bonnie? I'm only 10. The ears and stuff didn't fit in the picture.

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Asked about 3 years ago by userpic Awesomepawsomepenguin to crowd icon Artists
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u r gonna be makin millions wit ur drawings!!
about 3 years ago
Thx :) your one of the nicest people on heycrowd!
about 3 years ago
I wasn't much better when I was your age. But practice really does make perfect. I have an art YouTube channel if you wanted to check it out. I just started it recently so I have a few videos posted. But your more than welcome to ask me questions & I'll be happy to make a video based on your question :) look up Lelekfalo on YouTube if you wanted to check out my channel
about 1 year ago

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