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Who's the best person on this app
Favorite person on heycrowd
Shoutout to #leh for being my least favorite person on fashionista. Such a hater.
Who hates you on this app?
if you could be with one person on this app who would it be?
Who's your favorite person on here?
Who is you're favorite person on here.😋
What's your least favorite dad joke?
Who are your most favorite people on this app??? Comment ur answer.

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A thousand years is like one day to God because he is infinite. So was the earth really made in 6 days, or over time?
What is your favorite app? (Please comment!!!) P.s. don't say this one!!
Winner is @Skyler !! And btw, thank you skyler. U know why
Comment your name
Is my face ugly
Who thinks Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton are dating??
You ask me a question?! I'll mesege u the answer !👍
Who cried when Beth died?
Please help me get 800
I love all of you fashionista fans You are all like sisters to me I would not have better friends than you guys😊😊
Which emoji do you not understand what it means?
I love you, Aracely!
What mi puta means
Pour vous , Ques qui et le plus important dans un couple ?
Anybody know why people say yasss instead of yesssss?
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