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Please go to this down bellow and subscribe please please with a Pokemon card on top!
Anyone heard of MBForeverXx?
Are u married?
Do you believe Your school should start later, even If you would have to stay later just so you can sleep in?
Do you think that kids are hard to Handle (I mean little kids) so please answer and comment please ❤️
Do have a boyfriend
Dose your kid like cartoon?
Would you say "your fat" to a 122 pound,5 feet kid that can pick up a couch with one hand?
Would you accept to add BDSM in your relationship?

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Wat is the lyrics to I knew u were trouble when u walked in
Do you know what hurling is ???????
Note moi sur 20 et précise en commentaire ! ✌️🌸
What kind of horses do you have? (The horse in the picture is my dream horse I have horses but not any pictures of them)
Do you have natural highlights in your hair?(i do)
What's your favorite gun on Call of Duty Black ops?
Pick the best name for a girl.
Who is your favorite dancer on dance moms?
What is ur fav character in PAW patrol
Do you have a trampoline?
Furthest you'd go with him?
Zoella anyone?
Who is your favorite dancer from dance moms
Best game
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