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Please go to this down bellow and subscribe please please with a Pokemon card on top!
Anyone heard of MBForeverXx?
Are u married?
Do you believe Your school should start later, even If you would have to stay later just so you can sleep in?
Do you think that kids are hard to Handle (I mean little kids) so please answer and comment please ❤️
Do have a boyfriend
Dose your kid like cartoon?
Would you say "your fat" to a 122 pound,5 feet kid that can pick up a couch with one hand?
Would you accept to add BDSM in your relationship?

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Who's hotter from these bands .
I love you momma and daddy I miss you so much 😢 (I'll comment how they died)
Best boyfriend quote?
Wich one is cuter
What is the best Sabrina carpenter outfit?
Am I ugly it is ok if I am not
Who is the least talented member of One Direction?
Who is the true owner of the Wand of Destiny? (The Elder Wand)
How much of the number pi do you know (type answer in comments)
Does it hurt when they pull out one of your teeth when it's already full grown?
😭 would you help this cat? Go to meow box to see what you can do. This is more for cat people though😕
Rate me by emoji
Who knows me best ?💯% whoever gets it I'll make you a polyvore outfit👗
If u were stranded on a islamd and had no food what would u eat?
Is this fashion ?
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