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Am I pretty?
Si hoc legere scis nimium temporis in manibus
Est-ce que vous parlez fran├žais?
Are you single?
Do you remember Courage the Cowardly Dog?
Which iPhone would you want ?­čô▒
I'm crying at this dead possum
So I was looking at questions, and the comments are so rude! Why can't we all just be nicer???
To all the fashionistas, in your opinion. Is it important if the guy cares about how he dresses?
Join my save endangered animals team!! Add SES to ur name!!
What do you see in a guy?
Would you date me, if you were a boy, and you maybe knew me?
Favorite NFL football team?
Turn in your predictive! Type " kill my ___ " and press the middle word! Mine is: Kill my sister.
What is your favorite soccer team?
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