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I went zip lining and the guides took pics. This is one, isn't it cool?
White mountains in New Hampshire isn't it pretty
Isn't this pretty? I went to Hawaii and took it. It's so beautiful there!
I went to Hawaii and saw this is it cool
Is this cool I worked on it for like an hour and a half
Do you think this pillow is cool
Isn't this adorable?!!!!
New hair color sorry it looks still kind of like the old one but it's now
Do you like the new update if u haven't gotten it the lay out changes on every ? Which is cool #HeyCrowd

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What ride should I ride first at Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)?
Do I look British
What is your biggest pet peeve?
What sport do you like better
What song do you think if when you hear the word: Stop!
Do you have an Instagram?
Who do u think is mii fav celeb
Do u think i am pretty?┬┐?
Do you have a nickname ?
What's ur favorite type of dog? Mine is Jake the Dog! Lol!
Hey how can you log in to an already made account on heycrowd?
Am I pretty?
Never stop believing ! You can do whatever you want , you just have to believe in yourself :) x
Est-ce que vous parlez fran├žais?
Is the number of preteens here pissing anyone else off?
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