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Please stop disabling my questions for the 5th time. If you don't like a question message me why
Why so people disable my questions?
People I posted a question saying please don't disable my questions I would like it if you could STOP
STOP DISABLING MY QUESTIONS PEOPLE. I have an idea of who it is. Now stop
I would really appreciate if you would stop disabling ALL my questions it isn't necessary
If you want a shoutout message me 😀
Why do you people keep disabling questions that do no harm and have nothing to do with you? Must you always be a jerk?!
Seriously. Aside from the two people who know who they are, why do you guys hate me so much? As in real honest reason(s)
Can you all stop disabling my questions!! They aren't hurting nor insulting anyone!!! Please stop!!

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Death note fans: are you outraged that Matt was only in two scenes in the anime?
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Do you think Im pretty? Idc the answer! Thanks :)
Do u have a Instagram follow me at GiaGarza01
Take me down to the _______ city where the ________ is ________ and the __________ are pretty.
Would you date me ??
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