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Who's yalls favorite Team?
Quelle est votre chanteuse ou chanteur préféré
This absolutely breaks my heart! 😭😭😖😩😖😭😭😖😩😖😭😖😩
RANDOM SHOUTOUT TIME, today's winer is kappa Ethan
When my computer understands math
Do watch pewdiepie?
What's your guilty pleasure
What's the hardest part of gymnastics?
What are your top 3 most used emojis?
I love minecraft! But most of the time I watch minecraft videos! Comment down your favourite minecraft youtuber!
Don't you hate when your mom thinks you have a attitude but you don't she is just really annoying 🖕🖕🖕😒
Do you know Kylie korsvik?
What do YOU think scientists will invent in the future?
Do you guys know the Dolan twins??😍😍 #BromieOmie
Why you gotta be so _____?
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