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Does anyone else have the birthday 20 September?? Comment if you do!
Does anyone else get annoyed when creationists think they always right?
Does anyone else get annoyed when people say witch instead of which?
I'm lesbo :) anyone else (comment)
Does anyone else do tae kwon-do or hap kido??
Does anyone else use myfitnesspal? It's an app!
Does anyone else feel like this πŸ’”πŸ˜­?
Does anyone else not play minecraft but watch videos of it.
Does anyone else have Wattpad?I do.My username is Marilyn Death.Comment yours if you have it.

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Spell your name without the letters a,r,n,m,i, and l
Nikki Bella or Brie Bella?
Cutest couple
overall shorts yay or nay??
We should rise above hate right??
So I like this guy but its almost the end of the school year what should I do ? Plz help
Which dance would you rather do
Is she cute???
Quel sont tes origines ?
Would you date her?
What does lmafo mean I have know idea
Siri is funny I asked the "woodchuck" riddle or question and she said this
Who do you see?
Did you like the hafe time show with Katy perry
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